How Jireh Ministries Helps Our Kids

The SAFEKIDS PROGRAM - Serves Students 12 - 19. Our Family Network helps us provide Emergency Housing, Food and Nutrition Assistance and Employment.

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The Unseen Need

If you’re a teen and you don’t feel safe at home, what do you do? All over Franklin County, “unattended youth” are looking for a solution to that very problem. They’re hiding in plain sight, and they need our help. That’s where SafeKids comes in.

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  • Our Challenge

    There’s a hidden epidemic in Franklin County Four thousand “unattended youth,” homeless kids ages 12 and up, live among us. Our schools estimate another four hundred will join their ranks in the 2018-2019 academic year. These are typically teens who are savvy enough to fit in at school. They look like their peers. They’re often good kids who stay out of trouble and who are working hard to keep up at school. But they’re not like their peers. They’re couch-surfing, running away from dysfunctional homes, often with no support and no one to turn to.

    SafeKids houses under aged youth (12-18) in the Host Home Program. Community members like you, open their homes to house these youth locally so that they can stay in their school of origin. SafeKids follows the strict guidelines. Interested families go through an extensive application and screening process and if match is found a youth is welcomed into the home. All families are background checked, their homes are visited, case management and other supports are given to both the youth and the host family. In most situations, mediation and reunification with the biological family is the goal.

    Taylor was an unattended youth who found shelter and love from a mom and dad who weren’t her own. SafeKids created Taylor’s House in her honor so other homeless youth can find a place to stay in an emergency. It’s a refuge for a lot of young people who have sought the kind of stability most of us take for granted. When a young person is in crisis, educators, police officers, and SafeSpot workers know to call SafeKids. One of our trained staff members will arrive quickly and take the child to Taylor’s House, our 24-7 emergency shelter. Overseen by a professional counselor, Taylor’s House provides a cheerful and reassuring atmosphere where young people can sleep in a comfortable bed, get their homework done, and have nourishing meals.

    STATION365 Drop-In Center
    The Drop-in Center is located at 365 Main Street - St Clair. It is open for all youth ages 12-24 between the hours of 2pm-6pm Monday through Friday. There is always an adult in the Drop-in Center and if a youth under the age of 18 is there, a staff or volunteer chaperones them while on site. The Drop-in Center itself is approx. 828 sq. feet with a kitchen, food storage and dining / TV area. There are security cameras in every room, which can be monitored remotely, and every staff member, volunteer, and youth over the age of 18 has a background check done.
  • Become a Host Home

    The population of homeless, unaccompanied youth is growing across the country, including right here in our own community. With few stable, on-going housing options for homeless youth available, the current reality for most of this population is often referred to as couch surfing. This means the youth will stay with somebody informally until he or she is not welcome anymore. The youth move from place to place only becoming more vulnerable and at-risk each day.Can you make room for success? If you have some extra room for a student to stay in your home, it can make a big difference.

    The program will recruit, screen and train adult volunteers to be host homes, then match homeless youth with those volunteer host homes so that the youth may continue to live, attend school, and work within their respective community. The host home experience will give youth the time, space and support to stabilize, address immediate needs and work on their personal goals to make a more positive transition into young adulthood.

Community Partnerships

  • Working Together

    SafeSpots is a youth outreach and prevention program for young people 12 to 24 in need of emergency housing, jobs, food and safety. As a community partnership program, SafeSpots designates businesses and organizations as safe locations, making help readily available to youth in our community.


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